Is A Flat Roof An Option You Can Consider?

A lot of people still imagine that flat roofs leaky, hard to maintain and impractical. However, flat roofs are all the rave today, with more and more designers and architects going for them. Some of the reasons include the fact that flat roofs are highly resistant to fluctuating weather patterns and offer high performance as well as cost effectiveness. It’s important to separate myth from fact where flat roofs are concerned if you are to even consider it as an alternative to a pitched roof. Eric Reinholdt highlights the major myths: Have Your Flat Roof and Your Snow Too As the snow begins to fall here in Maine, I’m reminded of just how much our building technology has evolved from the primitive hut informed solely by functional necessity to our modern abodes informed by convenience, luxury and nearly infinite choice. The very notion of shelter is linked to the image of a roof above our heads. And while the elements of snow and rain may shape our living habits, advances in material technology and application now afford us a broad range of choice when it comes to the shape of the roofs over our heads. Contrary to popular belief, even those of us living in extremely snowy, wet environments are able to live beneath a flat roof. Read the 5 major myths here… Choosing the type of roof for your new home is a critical decision, and it’s important to be aware of all your options in order to make an informed decision. As such, here are three advantages of flat roofs that make it an option you should consider: 3 Advantages of Having a Flat Roof There are many kinds of roofs on the market and it can be challenging to pick the one that will perfectly match your home’s style. If you are looking for a roof that can give you more space for recreation and is easy to maintain, then a flat roof is a great choice. Read full post here… Another reason why a flat roof would be great for your home is that it would be much more accessible and safe compared to a pitched roof. You will thus be able to check the roof regularly for damage without having to worry about falling off your ladder. This also means cleaning your gutters will be a much easier process. However, it is still important to understand that a flat roof will not work in every single home. The following post highlights the pros and cons of flat roofs when compared with pitched roofs. This should give you a good idea whether a flat roof would work for you: The Pros & Cons of Flat vs. Pitched Roofing If you are planning to add a new roof to your home or shed, be sure to consider all the available options. Pitched roofs come in a variety of styles, such as gable, cross gable and hipped, all of which are sloped to different degrees. Flat roofs have […]

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