Do You Have Proper Roof Ventilation In Your Home?

In order for your roofing system to be efficient, proper ventilation and insulation must be included during installation. Ventilation is critical as it keeps your home energy-efficient, prevents high humidity and even extends your roof’s lifespan. This is possible because ventilation allows air circulation, which in turn helps to maintain a suitable temperature for your home. Let’s look at the major advantages of having proper roof ventilation in your home: Why is Proper Roof Ventilation Important? In this article, you will learn why it is so important to have a proper roof ventilation for your house. Small problem leads to big problem: you may think that having a poor roof ventilation is not necessary, but having a good roof ventilation is vital to keep your house in good condition. Ventilated roof help keep your home in good condition and free from structure damage. You wouldn’t want a leak on your roof and cause your house to flood with rainwater, would you? Read full post here… Generally, new buildings are required to meet strict ventilation codes, so many homeowners will not experience a lot of the effects of poor roof ventilation. However, if you own or live in an older home, the house may have been constructed when ventilation was not a serious requirement. As such, you may be experiencing problems as a result of inadequate ventilation. Some signs that your home is improperly ventilated include: The roof is warmer than the rest of the house by more than 25 degrees The wood in your attic looks bloated or sweaty There’s a musty smell in your attic You have higher than expected utility bills There are various roof ventilation options, so it’s important to find out which of them would work best for your home before you make any purchases. It is advisable to work with a professional roofing contractor that can assess your roof structure and recommend the right product. Even so, here is a simple guide to get you started: Which Roof Vents Work Best for My Home? …homes come in all different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to know which ventilation system will be adequate. Keep the roof’s pitch in mind when deciding as well. Here are some roof ventilation options and advice on how to choose the best type for your home. Soffit vents Soffit vents cover your home’s eaves, protecting the rafters from the elements. They provide air circulation to the attic. Each home may require a different version of this type of roof ventilation. There are aluminum, vinyl and continuous soffit vents, as well as drip edge ventilation for those who have no soffits available. See more options here… If you are going to have roof vents installed in your home, it’s always best to have a professional do it. This is because the installation must be done right if the ventilation is to be of any benefit to you, and this requires demands that a number of considerations be made. For instance, there […]

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